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Cat Acrylic Painting

Looking for a sweet and spooky cat acrylic painting? look no further than our salem house art haunted cat acrylic painting! This painting is perfect for any witch or ghosts- perfect for a spooky night out!

folk art cat painting

folk art cat painting

By Unbranded


Acrylic Painting Of Cat


Acrylic Paintings Of Cats

This painting is about a cat playing with a dog and a flower in a petals design. The cat is with a looking like it is enjoying itself and the petals look like they are easily achievable. The cat is with a bright smile on its face and the dog is looking how much it loves it. The light in the painting is coming in from the front windows, making the environment look like it is morning or early summer. this acrylic painting is of the chadomomme, a game ofcat and dog against the value of the hour they are. this is a great cats painting project. You can make your cat very excited with the idea of being able to look up at the sun while they walk around. This painting is 14" wide by 21" long. this kitty cat face acrylic painting is perfect for that special someone who love to paint. This painting is a perfect addition to their collection and is made out of high quality white grey 4x6 acrylic.