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Liquid Metal Acrylic Paint

Vallejo is a top-permanent color that is perfect for any project. Our viscous metal acrylic paint is perfect for in-shop painting and looks great in any design or art project.

Liquid Metal Acrylic Paint Ebay

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Liquid Metal Acrylic Paint Walmart

This liquid metal acrylic paint is a beautiful sargent art color and it has a very modern and sleek look to it. It is a great paint for any office or home. this product is a beautiful silver color that will look great in any room. With its finelymentalled silver it will make a perfect addition to any home or office. It also contains a good amount of sargent art, which makes it smooth, clear and durable. liquid metal acrylic paint is perfect for withstanding the test of time! This paint is made of sargent art liquid metal acrylic paint that is 8 oz - gold. This is a great set of 36 colors liquid metal acrylic paint that has 60ml of 2 oz of paint. The set also has 1 palette book, an an.